Thursday, 21 April 2011

At the time, an apology (16/09/2010

They came against him in
Numbered enemies, with words of
Reckoning and slandered redemption.
To take his life and forge his
Soul into a bitter edge that
None dared approach for fear of pain
And death and suffering children.
Or so he perceived.

He railed against them in
His anger, hurtful things said
He to them, until his rage
It grew so great, a slab moved
Right over his heart, and once
Again he hated.
They turned away.

They went from him in wondering
Confusion, left him with his
Very thoughts, until his thinking
Seemed all jumbled, and he could
Think of only maddened beasts
In darkened corners of his very soul.
It growled from within.

So he slept, but then awoke, to shining sun
And ice cold heart that he will
Never truly grasp, since he drove
his only friends into the torment
known only as a troubled existence.
Now he’s alone.

And though he’s always been this
Way, it’s what he fears the very
Most, that darkness in his soul
Where lies that cornered beast,
He knows so well.
The beast turns.

And now he sees it clearly
The demon in his soul, is
The hatred he must overcome if ever
He wishes to live a normal life
Of happy wishful thinking.
The future beckons.

And he smiles at the thought
Of overcoming the beast once again.

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